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Showz Issue
Hi, I really love Pixel Petz, and I'm probably going to be playing this game for a long time, but I do have one small problem.

I had three of my Petz put in the daily show for April 7th, but once the show ended and I went to check the results to see how my Petz did, the only recent one that shows up is the show from the 5th.

And if there's a current show as of today, it doesn't show up as an option in the voting section and I'm not able to put any other Petz into any other daily showz that have happened because I haven't been able to retrieve the initial three from the one that was on the 7th.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on or what might have caused my game to glitch like this, but uninstalling and reinstalling and signing back in hasn't helped and I'm not sure what else to do on my end.

If it helps in any way, I'm playing the game on an Android phone, the Moto z Droid, and it's fully up to date, and my username in game is Taako.

Another small thing I've been noticing, and this isn't a huge issue really just an odd hiccup I've noticed, is that occasionally when I send a pet on a job, if I choose the Secret Santa job that takes an hour, sometimes the game switches the time remaining from 60 minutes to 60 seconds. I still get the full amount of experience and coins, but it is kind of a weird thing.
The issue with showz is currently being worked on. The game couldn't really keep up with the huge influx of new players. An update with a fix should be available ASAP but as for right now, the showz are disabled (kind of).
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Ah okay! Thanks for letting me know!
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Miki beat me to it, but yes we're still working on this issue and it should be resolved soon! Like today or tomorrow. Hang in there, sorry for the inconvenience!
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