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GUIDE - Hiding Eyes
This guide will teach you how to do something that has been so frequently asked
that I had it included in the FAQ section on our Discord early on!
Hiding eyes is actually very simple to do, so the guide will be fairly quick.

Quick Guide
First, head over to the eyes tab and use the very first eyes in the list.
On the sliders, make everything as small as possible.

[Image: HideEyes1.png]

Second, go to the nose/mouth tab and select the nose you wish to use.
Adjust the sliders accordingly until the nose manages to cover your eyes.
Tada! You can now draw your own eyes!

[Image: hideeyes2.gif]

Additional Notes
With certain noses/mouths you may have to choose a different eye style.
The instructions are still the same, but you can just try experimenting with the different options until you find something that works.
[Image: miki_signature.png]
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