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"Let's Start a Riot" - RM47 Intro
[Image: 8plJkWWf_o.png] "Within the time, no sand falls to judge me." [Image: XM399thO_o.png]

Greetings, as well as a warm placed Welcome.

I am the one known as RM47 upon the game of PixelPetz. 

My name is a reflection of a job I do in the season of horror and scary. I am an adult player who is Female. My passion for Pixel art started back when I was younger, I grew up playing old arcade games.

You might know me as the user who owns a species called "Stone Hunters" upon the game itself. It's a closed Species I created. I also created a creature exclusive to PP called Armadons. The tiny icon by the quote is them. 

I am a fursuiter, propmaker, monster builder, FX artist, horror artist, set builder & web designer.

During October I am the most busy when doing so as my job is hectic. My day job is a cashier so I am not able to respond fast. 

I love instrumentals, jazz, classical, Opera, metal, hair bands, non black metal. 
I know a lot about plants, I am decent with the bow, my blade arm is adequate.

Hobbies include crafts, art, reading, cosplay, volunteer work or practicing with my blades. 

I am super friendly and I will always try to help if I can. 
[Image: FiVYBHAq_o.png]

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