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Hey, just joined!
Hi I recently joined the game and found this forum about it. I had a few questions that I am still confused about the game.

1) How can you earn gems other than watching ads? I saw that there are these talent points that you accumulate and once your pet retires you may win gems, is that the only way?

2) I see the pet shop option but it doesn’t allow me to sell a pet, is that because of their level or it’s something that is still on work for everybody?

3) So we cant copy others ideas according to rules, but can we take inspiration and make something similar but yet different? How far would you consider copying? Cause I’ve seen many Petz that look similar and are from diff people (not cloned)

4) if you decide to trade with someone, how exactly does that work? If they offer the wrong pet to trade can you cancel the whole thing?

5) What are these stars your pets have on top of name tag? Does it corrolate with the daily competition to get showpoints? Do you need to get 1st place to give your pet a star? Or is it something different like getting votes from comments/posts?

6) can you add people to friends list? I know you can follow them but not sure if it means the same thing in this case.

This is it for now. Thank you for your time reading this and assistance. I asked these questions to the game staff through private message in their Facebook page but haven’t received any replies.
Hello there and welcome! I'll be answering your questions in order~

1) List of ways to earn gems:
7 day log-in
Watching a daily ad
Winning a contest
Buying them
Retiring a decent elder
Selling a pet in the shop for gems

2) In version 0.2.5, you should be able to sell a pet by going under the "Sell" option and adding a pet. If you don't have 0.2.5 then I recommende updating because the shop was still the works in the lower versions. If you are in 0.2.5 then it could be a glitch/bug that needs a fix

3) Inspiration is fine but nothing too similar unless you ask the original creator first, its best to make your own style though. Since you seen pets similar to others, if the pets don't have any credit in their description or says any permission given in it then please report those pets because they are copies

4) Trades can be risky but if they do add the wrong pet, you can always edit the trade with the right pet then send it back for them to accept but canceling is an option you can do

5) Are you talking about the yellow stars? Your pets get those when they get likes. Example: If your pet gets 10 likes then it gets one star

6) Following is the same thing as friending so when you follow people, they automatically get put in your friends list

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them! I'm always up to helping! Smile
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Hi! Welcome. I hope you have an amazing time on Pixel Petz and the forum.
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I'm new too, so welcome ^^
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Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it.  Smile

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