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Can we have a guide to the outline color change glitch?
I've seen so many people do this, and I need to know how. There is no tutorial ANYWHERE.
Hello there! This is not a glitch but a regular feature, to be able to color the lines you will need to buy a golden token.

How to buy the golden token:
Step 1: Click your gem/coin count
Step 2: Once the currency shop shows, click the banner on the top
Step 3: Read about the golden token then click one of the payments to buy it

How to color the lines once bought:
Step 1: Open your pet creator and pick everything you want for your pet then go to stage 3
Step 2: At stage 3, there will be two new coloring tools. Click the light new coloring tool (it'll allow you to color yourself to have multiple colors) or if you just want to fill the lines in then click the dark new coloring tool afterwards select your color
Step 3: Move your finger over your pet's line and it'll color it!

I'll make a video on it soon so stay tuned! Smile

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