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How to sell Petz in shop???
Hello! I’m not sure where to ask this but does anyone know how to put a pet into their shop? I want to sell some pets but I don’t know how to. And help is greatly appreciated!
In pixel pet you need to go to the pawprint on the left bottom on your screen once there, click shop and go to the last tab, their you can add pets to the shop.
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  • wenom
I'm having a little trouble with this, I go to the pawprint and sell page but the two pets I wanna sell are not listed. I tried putting them in box one and they still won't show up. They are breeded pups and have just reached child.
I am having the same problem. I have two kittens, they have hit child. I have tried moving them to different boxes and nothing makes them pop up in the sell area
I was just told you cannot put gen. 2+ in the shop
So, that explains that! ?
Go down to the bottom of your screen on the pawprint. Then, click Petz Market. If you go to the top of the screen, it should have 2 tabs, Buy, and Sell. Currently, you're on the Buy tab, so click Sell. Then you can click any Petz you want to sell! The rest is self explanatory, adding prices, etc. Smile
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I have the same problem. I do all the stuff I'm meant to do, but when I tap the pet I want to sell it doesn't do anything. All it does is exit out of choosing a pet to sell
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  • natndr
Im having the same issue. Is this a glitch? Ive been trying to sell, but when I tap on the let, the tab dissapears and it doesn't work.
I have the same issue too. when i tap on my pet, it does nothing and i can't sell it. if anyone knows please tell me
(03-17-2020, 12:46 AM)natndr Wrote: I have the same issue too. when i tap on my pet, it does nothing and i can't sell it. if anyone knows please tell me

You have definatly pressed the paw in the bottom left> clicked petz market> clicked sell> pressed the button in the bottom right with a plus on it> then selected the animal you want to sell> set the amount of gold/gemz> i think you need to press a sell button that's under the price you done all that?

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