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I got scammed
Some person named Meganai made a “raffel” over a month ago and said it was finished but none of the users that bought “tickets (pets with roman numerals on their heads)”  and when i asked for a refund they refused and was threatened to get reported and get me banned. Do not follow them. They might create pretty looking petz but they have scammed many users.

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Thank you for sharing this information on the forum for all Pixel Petzians to see. I'm so sorry that you lost Petz. Sad Hope you retrieve even better pets!
cherrie did this post lol  Heart
contact me @ if any need  Angel
you bring color to my skies so stop putting yourself down

I have a problem that a question isnt asked. It won't let me log back onto my account even when I put the correct password.
Hello, I bought a gold token but I was not given it,but the money was removed from the phone.What to do?

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