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Australian Forest Fires/New South Wales Bushfires | HELP SAVE THE EARTH
Hello everyone! <3
Today I just had an amazing spark going through me, so I decided why not do this?
The Australian forest fires are getting worse and worse. We can't let this happen. So, I've decided to try to make a movement on the Pixel Petz pages to help spread awareness. 

- ! - Make a forest themed pet(z)! 

Together we are stronger, remember that! I will keep everyone on this thread updated about the movement. Koalas, kangaroos, and more are suffering. Just go on youtube, google, any searching or video platform and search "australian forest fires" and you'll see. The first few things that show up is "Reporting on the Austrailian fires: 'It has been heartbreaking'" Be sure to donate to any New South Wales/Australian forest fires support system. Thank you to everyone who decides to help us save the animals and their homes. 

When making a Pet(z) under the forest theme, be sure to put #saveaustralia. Thank you.. I cannot express enough to anyone who is helping.  Heart
cherrie did this post lol  Heart
contact me @ if any need  Angel
you bring color to my skies so stop putting yourself down


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