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New player, couple questions!
So I just made an account tonight and my very first pet I made is of my dog who passed away last tuesday. (Didnt realize all the cool features if you bought a golden coin oops), but I've got a couple questions because I really think this app will help me cope with this, at least a little bit. 

1) Is retiring like dying, as in: if you retire your pet you lose access to it? Or is it just unable to breed or be cloned, but can stay in your house? (Or is it just to discontinue breeding lines?) 

2) Is retiring based on level, or do petz age separately? 

3) Can you edit pets if they are cloned to fix errors made on the first pass? Or is there any way to edit the original? 

4) Can you clone a retired pet, or should you clone before they retire? 

5) Is it possible to make features like clothing or is that a mod only thing that comes with updates? (I was looking to get a halo for her, I'm already planning on buying a pair of wings)

I think that's it so far, if anyone has any guides or tips for newbies though, feel free to throw them in! 
Thank you!

Thought of another one:
6) What exactly are the differences between a clone and a custom pet?
Like, can clones breed? Is there a symbol on the pet indicating it's a clone and not an original? Is that what the #DNA symbol comes from?

7) I have a typo in my pets description. Is there any way to fix that? I fixed it in the post where I shared her but that doesnt fix it when you click on the pet. 
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Regarding retirement:

There is a menu you can access by clicking on a pet in your living room and selecting the question mark beside the age. 
(I am on mobile right now but I will try to embed an image later.)

The age of a Petz is determined through time, not any other factor. According to this chart, pets mature into adults at 15 days old and become elders at 80.

Retiring a Petz just moves it out of the way to another folder (I think? Haven't retired a pet yet so I could be wrong on that part) but I am pretty sure you can still love and play with them, they just aren't able to do showz or breed. 


You can clone any pet you design regardless of how old the pet produced from the design is; the petz are copies of their design which is timeless lol.

If you find that your design produced a pet that still needs work, I'd say the fastest way to fix your issue is to go to that petz' profile (viewing individually) and select the pencil icon which will allow you to edit that pet. Don't forget to save!!

After you make the desired changes to your pet, you'll be able to clone THAT pet in the actual petz creator by cloning your own fixed copy. This way all future clones are edited and perfect as well. Smile

NOTE: Pregnant petz can't be edited so you'll have to wait for the puppy to be born to fix that. 

The difference between customs and clones: 

Let's say you want to design and sell a pet, so you make a design, clone it a few times, and put them up for sale. There's nothing wrong with that, your design, you can do as you please. 

When someone wants a custom, they want creative directory over how the pet looks regardless of who is making it as the design would be "theirs" or something they want, etc. Therefore, it's advisable not to clone or sell that kind of pet as customs are supposed to be more "one of a kind" and the design wouldn't be yours to sell. I think.  Always clarify with who you're working with, you never know haha. 

BOTH customs and clones are normal petz, just the designs are either unique, or copied directly from another pet. Cloned petz are sold in shops for everyone to enjoy if they like, customs are special requests (that usually cost more haha). 

Clones and customs can breed, age normally, and are just regular petz. All of them are first generation, so they do not have the DNA symbol, because if you think about it, they all hail from the grand petz creator lol. 

Petz with a DNA symbol are offspring of existing petz; they are second generation or higher

Other answers:

- Right now, only mods make clothing and partz, and they are released over time. maybe one day clothes can be customized, I would love that <3

- Lastly, to fix the typo in your petz description; it sounds like you edited your post, not your pet. Go into the petz individual profile and select the corner symbol with three lines, it will open up a menu with the petz description. After you fix it, don't forget to update! 

I hope this helped! I'm sorry for length, I figured this could help others as well! Thanks for asking!

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Thank you so much! No need to apologize for length, you answered everything, I'm grateful! ❤
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Anytime! Takes forever learning it the hard way haha
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