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A Small Hiatus, a BIG Adventure!
Hiya Pixers!

I regret to inform you that I am on a short hiatus due to my work. I might not come back until late July, but when I do I will be online much less than I used to. Also, because of various kickstarts in the monstrosity that I call my "career," There will be days or even weeks I will be offline.

Bored? Then have we got a show for you...
If you're sad that I'm gone (unlikely, as I have barely any followers), I have lots of things for you to do!

1. Spam my wall! Yes, you heard me! Feel free to make silly, random, or nonsensical comments on my wall! Please note that this is a LIMITED TIME offer! Spamming will no longer be allowed when I come back. Sorry, but my notifications need not to suffer! Cry

2. Gift me! I won't be online for a while, but that doesn't mean trades will go unacknowledged! If you want to gift me, send a trade! I don't care if it's partz or petz, it's the thought that counts! When I come back I will accept the trades. GT's and GB's accepted too! Big Grin

3. Take a look at my stuff! I've pixed one or two petz, and it'd be great if you could see them! I have a pixed Starfloof, Astral, Tatzelwurm, and more! If you really like them, please like, follow, or even bookmark! SPOILER ALERT! When I come back I'm pixing a FULL Rockstar!

4. StArT aN ePiC kUmI fUnD! sTaRt A "gEt HeRdEr A kUmI sEt" FuNd AnD rOb PiXeRs Of ThEiR kUmI pArTz! Seriously though, if someone DOES get me a Kumi set I'd be much obliged. Wink

5. Check out my AWESOME friends! I have a few friends on Pixel Petz. I have to say, though, sketchi, RM47, Bife, and Homulilly are really talented. Check out their awesome pixing creations!

6. Play more Minecraft! I like Minecraft because it's a creativity outlet, but also a REALLY fun game. Since the Nether Update (1.16) is here, why not see what you can build in the souped up Nether biomes!

7. Try out some new things! My favorite things to do are camping, [video] game design, camping, writing, and occasionally outer-space related things! Maybe try those out, and make sure to include some of your hobbies in the comments!

8. Read books! I admit, I have too many hobbies. But I had to squeeze reading in there! Try diving into the adventures a book can take you! Is reading not your forte? Why not try number 9...

9. Build or Design a Satellite! It may be harder than it seems, but it's a rewarding experience! There are many kits on the internet, and NASA even sponsors some builds (ask a parent before going online)! Is this not crazy enough for you? Wait 'till you see number 10...

10. Build an army out of petz and take over the world! Sounds like something you'd see in a movie? Well, petz from Pixel Petz are more capable than they seem...

11. Fight back against the army of petz that are aiming for world domination! Oh, so they're already attacking!?!? Maybe this is another bug sketchi has to fix... Undecided

Any of these sound fun? Have you done any of these? Say so in the comments! I love hearing from you all! I'm free to talk on the forum and will try to answer any questions you have for me.

Peace out Pixers!
Peppermint Pixer, Kumi Breeder, and wannabe Artist+Moderator, and a person loving trades.

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