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Hi Pixel Petz! these past 2 months I couldn't wait to get back! Now, dreams become reality as my return date is THE FIRST WEDNESDAY IN AUGUST!

I decided I shall do a giveaway. To enter, Follow me! All of my followers have a chance to earn stuff! Since prizes are scarce, it'd be great if people could donate (Just tell me that it's for the contest)! I want to give back to the community here at Pixel Petz.

If you'd like to know where I've been, ask me and we can have a story-session in the comments for whoever would like to tell their tale.

Finally, you people are going to have to tell me what's up in Pixel Petz and what a GN is... I missed so much and I probably don't have any of the new amazing items. If anyone wants to send gifts or do trades, just let me know it's not for the contest and I'll gladly acceptWink

UPDATE: Due to the recent Hurricane Isaias I was unable to return, I recently just got power back. I hope to see you all by the end of the week! I hope you are all safe!
Peppermint Pixer, Kumi Breeder, and wannabe Artist+Moderator, and a person loving trades.

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