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Game crashes and steals coins when I try to buy a pet that I created
So I downloaded this game all excited that I finally get a game where I can take care of and play with a pet fox without having to see very bad graphics and such so I download the game and it crashes a couple times before I can actually do anything and I finally get the game working and I have created a profile and everything and so I go and try to create my pet and I finally finish after like 20 minutes of making it look really realistic and then I do the traits and the name for my pet then I press buy and I agree to the things and then it starts to load when it gets to 5% done when the game music stops and the screen goes black then suddenly the tab disappears which kinda frustrates me so I go back to try to get my pet again and I notice that there is no pet in the area and I notice that 150 of my coins are gone so I get even more mad and I search around in the boxes and everywhere but guess what I find no pet and realize that the game just stole my coins and didn't give me my pet so I try again to buy my pet when it does the same thing as last time and it is just a never ending loop of me getting mad because this game keeps stealing my coins. (I am playing on a Chromebook and I downloaded the app from the google play store)

Plz fix this I really want to be able to see all of the things that this game has to offer but I can't even get a pet

I would love if there was just an entire update to the game that only focuses on bug fixes and other things that need fixing
What's your username? Version? You can report bugz through our Help Center.
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