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game won't load?
hello !
i haven't been able to log in to pixel petz ever since last night, when it updated.

i tried restarting my phone, going on wifi/mobile net, removing and re-installing yet nothing really happens.
it's stuck on the "cuddling petz " loading screen.
i left it to load for an hour and a half and it still won't go any further.

is there anything i could do to get it running?

i don't have any other devices i could (try to/) log in on and i just activated an 8 (?) day golden token a day or two ago which i wouldn't want to lose much time on :') (im sorry if that's not the correct name, i tend to forget stuff easily sometimes)

i hope i posted this in the right place? my apologies if i did something wrong here !
kai / arson | they/them
pixel petz: kairots


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