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Leopard geckos vs Tiger Salamanders
Ah, one thing you have to know about me is that I love animals- especially felines and reptilians. 
My whole life, I have always had some kind of pet, from cats to fish and dogs to frogs, I had have a ton. Surprisingly, the most interesting pets I have had is a leopard gecko and a tiger salamander. Both of which are small, and easy to take care of. This leads to the question: What’s better? Tiger salamander, or Leopard gecko? It’s a really tough question really- so I decided to ask a different question- Which would be a better starter pet for a beginner?
It took some thought, then I realized-
Leopard geckos would be a better starter pet than a tiger salamander. Now, I need to note that I actually got my Tiger salamander before my Leo.
Tiger Salamanders are amphibians- so they require a moist room temperature environment. As with Leopard Geckos, they need dry, and warm (80 to 85 degrees) environment. Right now, I am keeping my juvenile Leo in a ten gallon tank with two hiding spots and a heating lamp. Obviously, there is more than just that. Anyways- with Tiger salamanders, they aren’t exactly ones who like to be touched as Leos do. 

So in my opinion, leopard geckos are the best starter pet.

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