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WoW TBC Classic: bans for buying gold online?
Buying gold for real money was an issue in WoW Classic and is now an issue in Burning Crusade Classic. Now even a TBC Classic player is happy that five players have been banned from his guild for this. More than 90 percent of the community is said to have bought gold for real money, and that already in WoW Classic.

No question about it: There are quite a number of WoW Classic enthusiasts who invest so much time in gold farming that they were able to earn high five-figure gold sums with Burning Crusade Classic in just the first few weeks. You could even look over the shoulder of various streamers and Youtubers.

Already in WoW Classic items were sold for such absurd sums over the gold DKP or auction house table that you have to rightly ask yourself whether all rich Classic players really have so much work in their gold piles have stuck. Take the Naxxramas sword Gressil, which was sold for 198,000 gold pieces in December 2020. There must have been a real money wow classic tbc gold purchase involved, right?

A post on Reddit now suggests how widespread the problem with buying real money gold could be. There the user L0adManager writes that five guild members have been banned from buying gold with real money. Remarkable:

The banned players got away with it for far too long, since phase 2 of WoW Classic they are said to have regularly bought gold for money.

More than 90 percent of the players from the affected guild are said to have bought gold for money. Those who have not yet been caught "are peeing their pants with fear".

As with the cases in June, Blizzard is holding back this time with long penalties. Gold buyers are not allowed to log into WoW for three days. In addition, the developers remove the purchased gold and the items purchased with the gold (although it is unclear how far Blizzard traces the gold purchases back, actually to Classic Phase 2 ?!).

The Reddit user has a clear opinion on the ban penalties: "F ... you, gold buyer and thank you very much, Blizzard!".

How do you rate the topic? Should Blizzard crack down? And are there players in your guild who have bought gold for money but have never been punished for it? Let us know in the comments. Actually, you can buy gold safely from SSEGold and won't get your account banned.

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