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so, what happened today?
It snowed for me too. I still had school because I do online school, but my dad took a vacation day from work. Since he was home we made some dough, which we'll make into bread and cinnamon rolls over the weekend (it needs to be refrigerated overnight)
I am having a semi-weird day... I have 1 piercing, my mom says I need 2 because i'm a girl, I got a 3 day timeout because 1 wanted 2 kumiho sets so a friend sent me an email saying if i posted a bible verse (turns out it was innapropriate) i would get 2 kumiho sets, i'm lesbian and my family is being so rude to me, and it's just crazy sketchi!!
I was supposed to go visit somebody with my gf, but it's so hot outside, that we got ourselves some ice cream and stayed home

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