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Pixel Petz BETA Latest News & Updates
I'll just make this thread so I can let everyone know about what's up.

Later on today we'll be pushing out an update with reply notification (you can also @username to mention someone), which should allow much smoother conversations!

This change to the comment system means we have to disable all older versions and shut down the server for half an hour (to reformat old comments), so everyone must update to continue playing.

Recent palette will also be available directly from the drawing scene, which should increase quality of life! xD

[Image: mcqFmSd.png]
Notice!! Android update is already out, but with processing delay on iOS we're still waiting for the update to go through approval.

During this time, you may notice some petz not loading, depending on which version of the app you're using. As soon as everyone's on the same version, we'll fix all the petz again. Please bear with us for the next day or so!

You can still create and fav petz, just the petz' profile page may be broken depending on your app version.
All petz and comments should be fixed, please report any bugs if you notice them!

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