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Missing Features List and Discussion
Here are the features we're still working on, in order of importance (in our opinion! you may disagree, feel free to speak up):

- Trading
- Favorites section
- User's archive
- User profile customization (including setting avatar)
- Following
- Petz shop
- Explore/search for petz and users
- Ability to clone one's own creations
- Saving petz to camera roll/email/etc
- Restore draft to default
- Tutorial for absolute newbs

Please let us know your thoughts below, on what features YOU want to see in the game!
That looks good! But, in my own personal opinion, I feel like "Petz shop", "Explore/search" and saving your Petz to your camera roll/etc should be higher up on the list :>

Profile customization isn't 100% necessary, at least not yet, so I think that it could go down a little bit on the list, maybe? But searching for users and pets could help a lot with finding your friends, as well as finding users or Petz while pairing with the trading feature!! Then the Petz shop also seems important, but saving Petz to someone's camera roll would probably just be a feature that users would really like- I'm sure ppl would love showing off their Petz asap, but it probably doesn't belong too high up on the list, either ^^!

Otherwise I think this looks great and I can't wait to finally play the game!! :D Keep up all the great work!

(ALSO, what's "Restore draft to default" do?? :0 Is that for when you're making a new pet and want to restart while colouring the base, from scratch? Thank you!! :D)
[Image: pixel_pets.png]
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Every feature looks great so far. I feel as though the trading and favorite features plus the Petz Shop are going to be great. Also, I have a suggestion of making the Petz Shop a place where people will not want a pet anymore (Maybe because they do not like it or just is too old and the time to give it away) and add it so that people can set up prices and then add it to the Petz Shop for others to look at it and buy. Maybe this could be an easier way for others to navigate petz that they are looking for or what others would want to trade. Maybe also add categories to this shop? I don't know, just an idea I had that I wanted to share.
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Thanks for your feedback guys! I've noted that social features (such as easily finding friends) is very important to everyone, and also ease of trading. I will definitely put these into consideration as we continue developing the game.

Which, btw, there is a new version coming out soon! Gameplay video here, if you missed it:

This new version changes a lot of things, but I really think it's worth it. Can't wait to let you guys test it!  Big Grin
I personally think that searching for petz and users would be the most important, along with trading!
What exactly would the pet shop be? Would it be somewhere where you could buy some sort of pre-made pet? I might have read about it somewhere, but if so I don't remember :)

I watched the video and it looks amazing! I've been checking in here frequently to check if there's been posted anything, and everytime there has I get so happy :D

Can't wait to try out the game! ^^

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