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Your pets!
Share some of your CUTEST photos of your pets! I personally LOVE cute pets lol :3

Also sorry I can’t post a picture of my cat, the photo is too big
this is my cute floof Q

[Image: 0k19or2a5phz.jpg]
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I've got 4 cuties! <3  No pics of everyone together because...biggest dog would eat my bunny LOL.

[Image: 26994186_10204073002022347_7074405484628...e=5BB76591]

This is my oldest pup, Bailey!  He's an 11 year old Shih Tzu, my old man <3

[Image: 29101430_10204251361961234_1220758984038...e=5B77A838]

Bella, my 10 year old Shih Tzu :3

[Image: 32940172_10204493326690201_3169460404434...e=5BC0CD5C]

Boomer, the only dog who is "actually" mine as I bought him myself and the other two are family dogs lol, but I do lots with them too.  Boomer is about 3ish years old, and is a German Shepherd/Lab/Dane mutt!  He's also in training as my service dog <3

[Image: 28056606_10204168275324120_2801463514763...e=5BB4B689]

And last but not least, my little bunny Eevee!  She's a 1 year old Holland Lop! :3

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what a great name for the bunny! xD cute faces all around, thanks for sharing! Boomer has the sweeeetest gaze
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oh man! this thread is great, i take pretty much every opportunity i can
to talk about my irl pets lmao; so here's my pets jess (cat) & meg (dog)

[Image: AOwD5eX.png] [Image: bwC4hMA.png]

[Image: PsWWFzr.png]

[Image: k8W1fYF.png?1] [Image: x1pVS5g.png]

[Image: L82mZRA.png]
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Awww thank you sketchi! I totally have pictures of Eevee...with an Eevee XD I'll link the pics because they're all huge XD

First a few when she was an itty bitty baby(5 months old):

And then I did another photoshoot with stuffed Eevee on her 1st birthday <3

Also, I love your hammie! <3 I've always wanted one tbh, they're so cute! Also Meg and Jess are both so cute wenom!!! Give them some pets from me :3

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How do I post a picture?
(09-17-2018, 12:03 AM)Happykitty56 Wrote: How do I post a picture?

in Quick Reply section, write below code to post an image, though you must replace "ImageURLHere" with actual url link to an image:
If you write the code like this:
It will result in you posted an image:
[Image: flairy.png]

In the editor mode via either Preview Post or New Post, you simply can add an image by click a button with picture icon and put the image URL in the first blank.

For upload the image and gather the url of image you uploaded, I recommend you to use the image hosting site called imgur; I'm sure it's easy to understand how to use it.

Other than said method, there's alternate way to post an image but it is exclusive to editor mode.

Inbetween the bottom button to either submit/update and preview the post and the editor, you can notice the Attachments. Click the "Browse..." to select an image to attach and click "Add Attachment" button to add the image in Attachments collection.

Once you've clicked that button, you'll see that the image was uploaded below the Update and Add Attachment buttons. Click the "Insert Into Post" button to post an image, so you have posted the image like this:

If you have any question regarding it then please let me know.
This is my leopard gecko

U gotta click it to see it better

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I have a cat
[Image: Xs_dQN5hjZI.jpg]

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