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Your pets!
Share some of your CUTEST photos of your pets! I personally LOVE cute pets lol :3

Also sorry I can’t post a picture of my cat, the photo is too big
this is my cute floof Q

[Image: 0k19or2a5phz.jpg]
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I've got 4 cuties! <3  No pics of everyone together because...biggest dog would eat my bunny LOL.

[Image: 26994186_10204073002022347_7074405484628...e=5BB76591]

This is my oldest pup, Bailey!  He's an 11 year old Shih Tzu, my old man <3

[Image: 29101430_10204251361961234_1220758984038...e=5B77A838]

Bella, my 10 year old Shih Tzu :3

[Image: 32940172_10204493326690201_3169460404434...e=5BC0CD5C]

Boomer, the only dog who is "actually" mine as I bought him myself and the other two are family dogs lol, but I do lots with them too.  Boomer is about 3ish years old, and is a German Shepherd/Lab/Dane mutt!  He's also in training as my service dog <3

[Image: 28056606_10204168275324120_2801463514763...e=5BB4B689]

And last but not least, my little bunny Eevee!  She's a 1 year old Holland Lop! :3

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what a great name for the bunny! xD cute faces all around, thanks for sharing! Boomer has the sweeeetest gaze
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oh man! this thread is great, i take pretty much every opportunity i can
to talk about my irl pets lmao; so here's my pets jess (cat) & meg (dog)

[Image: AOwD5eX.png] [Image: bwC4hMA.png]

[Image: PsWWFzr.png]

[Image: k8W1fYF.png?1] [Image: x1pVS5g.png]

[Image: L82mZRA.png]
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Awww thank you sketchi! I totally have pictures of Eevee...with an Eevee XD I'll link the pics because they're all huge XD

First a few when she was an itty bitty baby(5 months old):

And then I did another photoshoot with stuffed Eevee on her 1st birthday <3

Also, I love your hammie! <3 I've always wanted one tbh, they're so cute! Also Meg and Jess are both so cute wenom!!! Give them some pets from me :3

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