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Well, a new pet creating site! I'm personally hyped about it. My favorite games include hoarding virtual pets....
Some stuff about me I guess: 
*role play games are a good time 
*brony (My little pony fan) 
*several real pets 
*I write and draw 
*I love rainbows. They're pretty

I've always wanted to do digital art and I figured that this is my first chance to try. Honestly, I'm technology impaired compared to everyone else and can't figure out online drawing programs. So hopefully I'll figure it out. And hopefully, I'll be selected for Alpha testing
"I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize" 
 "Some people march to the beat of their own drum, and some people polka." 
 "It's just a bad day not a bad life." 
  "If life gives you lemons you can 1.make lemonade 2.complain about the lemons or 3.plant the lemons, grow a tree, sell the lemons, and make a profit. "

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