Poll: Unique or Copies?
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All petz unique!
4 40.00%
Let me make copies of my own petz!
6 60.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Question: Unique petz or multiple copies?
Would you like to be able to make a copy of your awesome petz so you could use it in multiple trades, instead of having to draw it over again?

Copying a petz would be priced similarly to its base cost (and only the original creator can make a copy, even after trading).

Example of how copying petz would get grouped in your 'creations' archive:

[Image: br5jWzR.png]
(pretend all the petz are fully colored and beautifully shaded)

Or do you guys prefer that all petz are totally unique, and if you want to remake a design you'd have to tediously redraw it... pixel by pixel...?
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