Poll: Which feature do you want most in the next update?
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Following users
8 61.54%
Adding petz to favorites
2 15.38%
Notifications for comments
3 23.08%
0 0%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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What do you guys want to see next?
We will eventually have all these features, but would like to know what you guys value most for the next version. As in, what will make your experience better right now? Trading and other complex features will be voted on later!

If you vote for "other", leave a comment about what you mean.
I voted for comment notifications, but I'd also love a way to notify other users you responded by @ing them or something? (as in, after they have commented on your pet) (maybe a way to like their comment too/instead?) I'm afraid I know nothing of how complex these additions are so I understand if they're not manageable haha
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I voted for following users because I feel like it’ll start feeling more cozy when we get to know other people! While I’m definitely looking forward to alerts when you receive comment, I personally would rather be able to keep up with what others were doing, and it would be really nice to have a way to get to other users besides scrolling and hoping they pop up Tongue

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