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Hey there!
Hi everyone!  I'm Bre(I actually need to earn some pointz to change my name because I'm Bre in the app and for some reason I signed up here as itsjustmebre LOL) and I found out about this place from Sketchi over on the Petz 4 & 5 facebook page "The Community" Big Grin  On Petz 4 & 5 forums I'm known as either vanillaice-petz or Vanilla!  I was super excited when I heard about this app, and I'm so excited to be testing the beta version <3

A little bit more about me, I'm 21 and going to college for a degree in animal science with a concentration in canines.  I'm a total dog nut.  This summer I'm interning with an organization that helps veterans with PTSD train their own service dogs.  It's really awesome because training service dogs is definitely what I was to do with my life.  I actually have my own service dog in training named Boomer who I'm training for myself as I am disabled! Smile   Here is a picture of him hard at work Smile

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all and helping get this awesome app on the road Big Grin

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oh wow animal science! that's super neat and I'm slightly jealous. getting to spend all your time with animals must be a dream! and awwww Boomer looks super sweet! do you have any quick dog training tips for the average doglover?
Haha thank you!!! It's awesome, it can be exhausting and frustrating but I wouldn't have it any other way Smile Thank you, he's a good boy for sure, but a lot of work LOL.

So quick tips, I have a few things that immediately pop into my mind! If you want anything more specific or want more detail on any of these let me know, I'm happy to help where I can Tongue One of the biggest things that even the dog trainers that have no idea what they're doing agree upon is that consistency is absolutely key(which is why even trainers often have dogs with bad habits because they don't think it's worth the consistency of training out the behavior LOL), so if you want your dog to always sit before you give them a meal, ALWAYS have them sit! If you get lazy about it the dog will think they don't *have* to(you can come back from that but it's an obvious stumbling block lol). Another big thing is that Cesar Milan has no idea what he's doing LOL. His show is very much set to be dramatic for tv, he has absolutely no training in dog behavior, Germany has literally banned him from training there(they're VERY serious about their training and he couldn't pass the test lol), and all of his theology is based off of a really old study that the person who did the study tried to take back everything he wrote because he found it was wrong lol. Last thing I'll say, if you want to get into training or build a better bond with your dog I HIGHLY recommend trick training. It's very forgiving(meaning any mistake you make won't be major and you can undo it, although as always be careful with dogs that are nervous and don't push them!), and it creates this partnership-like bond with your dog because suddenly you're working together towards something. Kikopup and Zak George are awesome resources on youtube for trick training(although Zak's older videos are better imo), and Kyra Sundance has some awesome books filled with trick ideas and how to train them, including troubleshooting advice if you're having difficulties Smile Her book 101 Dog Tricks was the first trick book I got and it helped me a ton when I was first learning!

Hope that helped Big Grin

Hi Nilla! I'm gonna be hitting you up hopefully Monday. Wrangler and I are going to load the clicker hopefully tomorrow night.

Hi Nilla! Boomer has come such a long way since you first got him.
Oh cool!!! Sounds good Shade :3 And aw thank you! Took a heck of a lot of time and effort but it's worth it <3

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