by L3M0N at 07-02-2019, 01:44 AM
Hi there! I'm L3M0N

Let's start off with about me!
I'm a furry, and I have way too many OCS. I love creating character designs and drawing! I joke around a lot, so don't be fooled if I start sounding professional. I'm not ;v; . 

How I got here
I found the Pixel Petz app when I was bored once, and I fell love!!! 

Uhhhhh what else do I say... Um, that's it XD

Oh, right, at the time of posting, I'm new to this forum and don't know a lot... ;-; so yeah, that's it.
by RM47Creations at 06-30-2019, 02:10 AM
[Image: 8plJkWWf_o.png] "Within the time, no sand falls to judge me." [Image: XM399thO_o.png]

Greetings, as well as a warm placed Welcome.

I am the one known as RM47 upon the game of PixelPetz. 

My name is a reflection of a job I do in the season of horror and scary. I am an adult player who is Female. My passion for Pixel art started back when I was younger, I grew up playing old arcade games.

You might know me as the user who owns a species called "Stone Hunters" upon the game itself. It's a closed Species I created. I also created a creature exclusive to PP called Armadons. The tiny icon by the quote is them. 

I am a fursuiter, propmaker, monster builder, FX artist, horror artist, set builder & web designer.

During October I am the most busy when doing so as my job is hectic. My day job is a cashier so I am not able to respond fast. 

I love instrumentals, jazz, classical, Opera, metal, hair bands, non black metal. 
I know a lot about plants, I am decent with the bow, my blade arm is adequate.

Hobbies include crafts, art, reading, cosplay, volunteer work or practicing with my blades. 

I am super friendly and I will always try to help if I can. 
by RM47Creations at 06-29-2019, 05:34 PM
So what exactly are we doing here and why is this needed?

WELP! I, L1LYFL0W3R, & Dym are probably the first (That I know of) to have done a Collaboration to create Petz!

That being had, how exactly did we do this anyway? Well to be honest it is an Intermediate thing! That and you and the collaborate partner have to work around time zones.

Now, enough of that lets begin!!

Also for this tutorial I'll be using the conversation me and L1LYFL0W3R had while we worked!

Difficulty Level - ❀❀❀
Average Time Taken - 5-7 hours depending on how often you communicate
Required - yes! If you want the full understanding!
Pixer Definition -The Pixer is the one who submits the design at the end as well as purchases the adopted Petz
Pixeditor Definition - The Pixeditor is the user who helps design the pet but doesn't do the entire details of the Petz.

Things Required
• Messenger App
• Pixel Petz game
• Way to screenshot
• Pick one of either of you to OWN/ADOPT the design!

The Tutorial
1: Picking the Main
What do you need to do to start? Well actually you and your partner needed to brainstorm ideas, back and forth till you agree on a single idea. Now, it might take a couple days or a few hours - or even minutes to pick a design; seriously take your time if needed. This is gonna be a lot of work!

Once you get a design thought out it's time for the most important part: Picking the Pixer & the Pixeditor.

Since there is no way to co-own the Petz, you both must decide who is to actually purchase the final product as well as do the full details. The Pixer's job is to do the full work of buying, details, and colors. While the Pixeditor they get to contribute patterns and details on their end via ideas. Once you two chose, it's time for the fun.
  • I was the Pixeditor for both Dym & L1LYFL0W3R
2: The Base
Now that you have decided who is who, let's get the product going! Now this is where it gets tricky, you won't be able to Pix ANYTHING till this is done!

Here is the base me and L1LYFL0W3R did

[Image: cnI1Dlkg_o.png]

Now that you both have your bases as exact matching pairs you can now begin the colors. However, do keep in mind- you both have to be open to ideas!

As you make the pet the base might change here and there to better suit the colab!

3: The Draftings of Color

[Image: ITm18Rbd_o.png]

So as you go along with this you need to pick out a color palette. For Alistair, the one me and L1LYFL0W3R did, we chose rainbows for ours.

Now the colors shifted here and there but due to the wide range for the colors we settled on it sure helped.

[Image: wxBtqZCy_o.png]

 Sometimes colors clash as well:
  • Red & Blue make things a bit hard to see (sorry Spider Man)
  • Green & Red are festive but clash as one is a bit too dark
  • Green & Brown may be earthy but tones mater
  • Purple & Brown makes a weird 3D look
4: The Work

As you two begin you will converse back and forth with each other about the designz you plan to make and have done. As you do you might find issues with what the Pixer and/or Pixeditor has done.

[Image: u9iiDnmk_o.png]

Always make sure you and your Pixeditor are keeping good notes and chats inside the messenger. Sometimes you can generate ideas!

[Image: QQ2PWRIa_o.png]

5: Almost There

While you get closer and closer make sure both you and the other Pixer/Pixeditor are in agreement before submitting a design! 

When done:
Please credit your partner (they might get sad if you don't)! 

Please have fun! 

[Image: RgC79Kb6_o.png]

The Finished Petz
[Image: dAmx8RqA_o.png][Image: LJlSbfix_o.png]
{Allister - L1LYFL0W3R | Collab - Dym}
by DottyDalmations at 06-21-2019, 01:07 AM
Do you think Pixel Petz should add butterfly wings or a mermaid tail?
by Juni at 06-14-2019, 10:41 PM
[Image: image.php?id=3390028&size=large&format=a...1560551391]
Excuse the bad art (On mobile oof) but I wanted to suggest a butterfly winged body part! There could also be a head with antennae or something to go with it. I think it could look adorable on some kawaii petz or dragon-like petz. 

What do you think? owo
by JokerCat at 05-31-2019, 10:07 AM
    So all my pets which was in the jobs are just.. gone? When I go to them out of the jobz, it says 5/5 but the box is totally empty.

I'm also wondering what this pound stuff is which has been mentioned on the updates?
by l3lue at 05-30-2019, 06:40 PM
Hello! I have a question regarding what's considered "appropriate" in this game or not.
I was wondering what the best way to get in touch with a moderator?

The game seems to be relatively under moderated and lacks anyway to report anyone.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I'm honestly unsure where else to ask.
by KayKayKitti at 05-24-2019, 08:39 PM
Ok, just a little suggestion for future updates.. BUT I think there should be a '' sure?" Type of button when you are about to finish a pet. I'm only suggesting because everyone I publish/Adopt a pet I forget to choose the gender I want..  So maybe we should have a "Are you sure" so people like me dont always screw up the gender.. XD but thanks for reading.. 

If there are any features that can help fix this mistake of mine that I don't know about, please share!
by KayKayKitti at 05-24-2019, 02:25 AM
Ok so I'm brand new.. And I don't know how I can get more coins to make more Petz.. If you know message me or just post... 

But very glad to join this amazing community
by Impish_foxx at 05-23-2019, 04:24 PM
Heyo! There's a bug where, after editing a pet, their head will sometimes stretch. This can be temporarily fixed by placing them in the box and then taking them out again, but it will happen again after a while.
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