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Only one pet?
Hi! I just joined and I made a pet. I then clicked the button to make another, and I took a long while designing it. It won't let me click next, so are we only allowed to have one pet at a time? I colored and named it (Nothing bad, just Jay) and I'm just a little confused.
Hopefully I don't have to just send it to the void :P
Thanks for any help <3
D: that must be a bug. what do you mean it won't let you click next? the next button is gone? you're definitely allowed to make more than one pet, so could you post a screenshot and I can check what's wrong? thanks!
I see I can only hold three pets at a time ^^; I hope I can have more at a time in the future! (I made four but only my latest three are showing up on my screen)
Hi! I came here from Chicken Smoothie! XD
No, it just makes the noise when I click it. [Image: 2rzVljX.png]
This is my third time trying.
Nothing helpful but that’s adorable aaa
Juni / Female / On Pixel Petz! (Username is Juni)
Couldn’t join bc of an irl problem but I’m here now! :3

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