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Paperclip challenge: Yes, or no?
I had an idea, and I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed, or if it will work.
I want to do a paperclip challenge! Basically, a paperclip challenge is where you start with something small. Say, a paperclip. You trade that paperclip for... a pen, maybe. That pen could be traded for something better, and so on and so forth, until you have something great.
I want to do this, but in pixel petz. The pet could start as a blank slate, say, just a basic dog. I would trade that for something else, until I have something awesome!
What do you think? Would this work? Any ideas on how I could do this? Thanks for any advice you might give me!
(If I am allowed to do this, I'll keep track of my progress in a thread here)

Alternate idea:
I start with a basic pet. I give editing rights to interested parties, and they change a little bit of the pet. I track the progress of how the pet has changed.
I like this idea too! I'm a bit tempted to do it

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