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so, what happened today?
So... today started off like everybody else would start off their day. I go to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, eat breakfast, and changed into my school uniform to get ready for school. Then, I had a stressed, tired, yet still a nice school day. Umm I guess that’s it. Nothing much dramatic happened OwO.
i've had better days.
I took like a three hour nap, then when I had to eat dinner I realized I had to clean my guinea pigs' cage, and I still didn't. My mom will kill me.[Image: 1520647583_3518d683d904cb8974ced281ed97ec72.png]
[Image: tumblr_p5coscELcg1vnokczo2_400.gif]
I love guinea pigs but I hated cleaning them! soooo much poop. omg.
nap ftw

been having some crazy dreams lately, can't remember after I wake up but I know they're pritty cray. other than that, life's been good! always want more sleep tho
My cat was feeling alone, so i cuddled him. He was never so lovely like that :3
I ate at McDonalds today; i had fries, some nuggets, grape juice, and a apple "pie". It wasnt actually a pie though, it was this:
[Image: torta-de-maca.png]
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I had a really rough day with my ~*emotions*~ - like I could barely get out of bed. But I somehow got it together enough to visit my brothers new place. He lives in a converted barn... I’m slightly jealous! But most of all, I’m happy for him. He has a guest loft (it’s a tiny home) and I’m definitely looking forward to staying over sometime.

Alsooo I have a headache because I just cried myself dry, but I feel better.
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I ran into a wall.
No, I'm not going to elaborate on that.
I did waaayyyy too much today lol. On the upside, spent all day with my dog, so I guess it can't be too bad, yeah?

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today I'm home sick. I told my mom and she was like "awww you're homesick?"... had to break her heart and say no mom, I'm sick, at home. xD
I'm on Brazil, and today is the day Incredibles 2 (the brazilian dub obviously) is on the theaters. I watched it with my dad and older sister. I loved it.
After watching it, i gone to a arcade, and there was Just Dance in there. I danced a music i was familiar with thanks to Just Dance Now, it's called "Make It Jingle". I got too tired, after i rested i played this fishing game with my sister, and we got a couple of tickets. I don't know how much tickets she got, but i know i got 31 tickets from the game.
That's all.
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