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Beta v0.2.2 (Jun 12 Mailbox update)
Quote:Build 0.2.2: Mailbox is here!
- You will now receive notifications in your Mailbox when someone comments on one of your petz.
- You can now favorite petz, and receive notifications for when other people favorite your petz!
- Each petz in your profile page will now show a comment count
- Bug fixes. Keep reporting them, helps a lot! Smile

You’ll be able to track all your favorited petz in a coming update, so go out there and fav everything you like (UNfavoriting will also be in the next update)!

Please post all bug reports for this version here! Include your username and screenshots where relevant.

For general discussion, feel free to start a new thread.

iOS: Look for an email from TestFlight, or open TestFlight and click UPDATE next to Pixel Petz.
Android: Go to "My apps and games", scroll down to Pixel Petz and click UPDATE. Or open this link on your phone: click
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all bug reports go here now! :3
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there was a problem with iOS version numbering, so, follow this image:

[Image: 0kPLMf4.png]

if you still have any problems email!

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